TreeMap has been created with business professionals, researchers, and home users in mind, with the goal of improving explorative or communicative tasks involving structured data. It aims at providing the power of the treemap visualization technique in an easy and cost effective manner. Nevertheless, it comes with an extended set of features, including:

Data sources

  • Support for popular tabular and spreadsheet formats (Excel, OpenDocument, CSV, tab-delimited, SPSS, SAS, Access, ...)
  • Direct connectivity to common relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, ...)
  • Interoperability with specialized applications (e.g. Microsoft Project)
  • Analysis of file system usage in a glimpse

Data manipulation

  • Flexible user-specified hierarchy definition to create custom aggregation schemes
  • Full-fledged colormap editor for mapping numerical, temporal, and categorical values to colors
  • Interactive filtering to work on a subset of the data
  • Customizable formatting of values
  • Possibility of adding derived values that are computed on the fly


  • Flexible configuration of size, color, and labels of the treemap elements
  • 3D view by mapping relative values to height
  • Choosable layout algorithm (including robuust squarified layout)
  • Aestetically-pleasing circular layout algorithm
  • Advanced Voronoi layout algorightm that uses polygon-based subdivisions instead of rectangular or circular shapes
  • Cushion rendering to reveal hierarchy intuitively
  • Zoomable user interface, including drilling
  • Many options to fine-tune the appearance of the TreeMap display

Alternate views

  • Details on demand provided with popups and separate data table
  • TreePlot view for easily creating bubble plot with hierarchical grouping
  • Intuitive TreeTable view to easily navigate the data

User interface

  • Document-centric interface
  • Docking framework for flexible arrangement of the various panels
  • Detachable windows
  • Undo/redo support
  • Progress indicator for long layout operations


  • Useful for small datasets already
  • Scales to 100'000s of data objects
  • Create treemaps of arbitrary dimension


  • Cross-platform: Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux supported
  • Optional TreeMap Server for web deployment
  • OEM licensing options available, including API to integrate TreeMap as a component in your Java or JavaScript application
  • Reasonably priced, most cost-effective treemapping tool on the market!
July 8, 2024

TreeMap 2019.9.6 released! You will find it in the download area... The new versions of the Server and API editions have also been released.