The following is a collection of datasets that can be loaded into TreeMap, which you can try out free of charge. A strength of our tool is its interactive nature and we would like to encourage you to try out these example applications by yourself.
Dataset Data source Observations
Global 2000 Forbes 2000
US Presidential Elections AP 4588
Global 500 Financial Times 500
Inc. 5000 Inc. 5000
US Stocks Fundamental Linelane 9614
Supercomputing Sites TOP500 500
UN Procurements UNOPS 16313
Refugees UNHCR 6261
Movie Budgets The Numbers 3510
Program Assessment Rating Tool Office of Management and Budget 977
R&D Spenders IEEE Spectrum 100
World's Billionaires Forbes 2839
Emergency Events CRED 19080
Birds eBird 68381
Swiss National Foundation Grants Swiss National Foundation 62991
Global Power Plants World Resources Institute 29910
If you would like to make a dataset that you created using TreeMap available to a wider audience, please contact us.