Forbes Global 2000

What are the leading public companies in the world, where are they located and which industries dominate the economy?
Based on the annual ranking of the top 2000 public companies in the world compiled by Forbes magazine, we created a dataset that can directly be loaded into TreeMap. It contains information about sales, profit, assets and market value, as well as the country of the headquarter and a classification by industry.
Forbes Global 2000 - 2014.mtm (83 KB)
(This dataset is bundled with TreeMap, which you can try for free)

Previous editions

Forbes Global 2000 - 2013.mtm (83 KB)
Forbes Global 2000 - 2012.mtm (83 KB)
Forbes Global 2000 - 2011.mtm (90 KB)
Forbes Global 2000 - 2010.mtm (49 KB)
Forbes Global 2000 - 2009.mtm (53 KB)
Forbes Global 2000 - 2008.mtm (276 KB)
Online version
This dataset can be accessed from within TreeMap using the File→Open Dataset→public.treemap.com menu. You can also visualize this dataset online thanks to TreeMap Server.