Support FAQ

Why is my key being refused?

The key that was sent to you has been verified and is valid. Please make sure you enter both the username and key as follow and check that your computer clock is accurate.

How to restore the file association?

You can change which file types are associated to TreeMap by either rerunning the installation process and leave this entry unselected or by following the instructions provided

Is TreeMap compatible with Windows 7?

The "standard" Windows version of TreeMap will work just fine with Windows 7, but will run in 32-bit mode. If your are using the 64-bit version of Windows 7, you can obtain the 64-bit version of TreeMap by downloading the appropriate installer. In principle, there is no compelling reason to switch for the 64 bits version, as the main difference is that it can handle more memory (4 GB and up), which is normally not necessary for the data volume commonly used with TreeMap.

How to increase the amount of available memory?

How much RAM can be allocated (maximum value) is determined during the installation. To change the value that has been set, locate the vmoptions file in the installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\Macrofocus\TreeMap\TreeMap.vmoptions on Windows and /Applications/ on the Mac) and edit using a text editor the numerical value to a higher amount, e.g. (for 4096 MB):


How to boost performance?

here are few additional tips that could help boosting the performance:

  • Try to reduce the number of labels being displayed, for example by increasing the value under Labels->Minimum number of characters to display.
  • Set the Rendering->Progressive to Incremental. This will display the labels in a second rendering pass and therefore improve responsiveness.
  • Disable the cushion visual by changing Rendering to Flat.
  • Disable antialiasing in the Options menu.
  • Reduce the number of records by pre-aggregating values.

In any case, please feel free to share your experiences with respect to performance.

How can I format numerical values?

You can achieve that by entering formatting patterns in the Variables->Format column. Using the format field, it is possible to define how numerical variables should be formatted. Common formatting patterns include "0%" to display percentages, "$ ,###" to display currency amount and "0.00 hours" for timing information. Here is the full list of codes and their meaning:

  • 0 Digit
  • # Digit, zero shows as absent
  • . Decimal separator or monetary decimal separator
  • - Minus sign
  • , Grouping separator
  • E Separates mantissa and exponent in scientific notation. Need not be quoted in prefix or suffix.
  • ; Separates positive and negative subpatterns
  • % Multiply by 100 and show as percentage
  • \u2030 Multiply by 1000 and show as per mille value

Are non-Western characters supported?

In principle, TreeMap should load data files with non-Western (e.g. Chinese and Japanese) just fine. However, the font used for labeling (Tahoma by default) does not contain any Chinese or Japanese characters. The solution is to set the default font under Group By, Labels, and Tooltip to 'Dialog' or any other font that has the full character set.

How can I embed hyperlinks?

You must add a second header line specifying the type of values (String,Integer,Double, ...) to your data file. To embed links, use the type URL and then put the address for each cell. You can then right-click on any node in the treemap to open the specified link.

Does TreeMap exists in other languages?

TreeMap has been partly translated to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, and Chinese. To change the value that has been set, locate the vmoptions file in the installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\Macrofocus\TreeMap\TreeMap.vmoptions on Windows and /Applications/ on the Mac) and using a text editor adjust the values as follow:











Portuguese (Brazilian)


Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese




You may further fine-tune these settings using the following list of supported locales.